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Introducing JERZEES® Europe, set to debut in June 2024, marking the extension of the esteemed JERZEES® US legacy to European shores. With a rich history as an industry pioneer in apparel since 1984, JERZEES® is synonymous with quality and accessible style. Our selection features a range of T-Shirts and Fleece, intricately designed for exceptional decorating performance.

A Legacy Unveiled: Originating in 1984, JERZEES® emerged as a conduit for translating athletic excellence from Russell Athletic into versatile casual wear. A fusion of comfort and style, it redefined athletically-inspired fashion for everyday life. Over time, the iconic JERZEES® label graced diverse clothing styles, imprinting its name as a household staple and elevating the garment customization realm.

Today and Tomorrow: Beyond comfort and style, JERZEES® stands as a beacon of authenticity, encouraging decorators to confidently embrace their true selves. As we expand, our focus remains unwavering – uniting creativity and self-expression to positively impact both individuals and the planet.

Our Essence: JERZEES® Europe is more than a brand; it’s a celebration of self-expression and creativity. Our mission is to fuel the creative spark within, providing an enduring outlet for authentic self-representation. Through every stitch and design, we empower decorators to proudly stand out.

JERZEES® Europe envisions a future where authenticity, creativity, and innovation intertwine. Upholding core values, we aspire to inspire originality and foster connections, inviting all to passionately pursue their imaginative aspirations.

Welcome to JERZEES® Europe – where heritage meets innovation, and self-expression knows no limits.